8 Selfie Applications You Should Download ASAP To Shoot Better Image

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  • October 2, 2017
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It is a national holiday, just as before.

But, before going scurrying around looking for free food and activities, take a good look at your self… because that’s what this holiday is all about. Joyful National Selfie Day. Yes, it’s an entire day dedicated to those selfie pics you would take even if it wasn’t any occasion… admit it.

Now, if you would like to acquire in the creative soul of making an awesome, standout selfie, consider playing around with a few of these very helpful apps and tutorials.

1. Facetune

Play with different styles that add just a bit extra to your already awesome appearance. This application is great for removing those random stray hairs which decide to try to photobomb.


This trippy selfie style is perfect if you are choosing the lost in translation look. The mixture of cool colors enables you to look like a glitchy tv screen. Keep it artsy and original.

3. Retrica

In case you are indecisive, this app contains “real time” filters and over 100 stickers to provide your selfie the look you genuinely desire. You can never go wrong with an endless amount of choices for your own picture.

4. PicsArt Photo Studio — Magic Selfie Photo Collage

Who doesn’t want to look like a magical trick? Create amazing pastel colors with this particular filter… and abracadabra.

5. Candy Camera

Play with a vast array of filters to match with whatever mood you’re in, and give all of one’s followers. This application also includes fun seasonal stickers.

6. PicsArt Photo Studio — Rainbow Light Filter

Follow the rainbow in this filter, and then create that amazing colorful streak across your face. But sorry, no pot of gold this time. You’re the golden.

7. Selfie Star Studio

This app is great for adding frames, stickers, or animated personalities to your Insta-gram. The best part about this is it’s possible to make your own very own musicvideo selfies.

8. GifBoom

With this particular application, you won’t only create an epic poem selfie, but also a gif. This is ideal for anyone funny minutes you trick your friend in believing you are taking an image, but that it is being recorded as a videogame.

Snap away for National Selfie Day. None of us will be exactly the same, so today is just a day to own that you are and share your own selfie skills on the planet. Some times you just want to look cute but do not have the energy to benefit it. With hot selfie “lenses” such as for example the adorable pup and the Coachella flower crown, Snap Chat takes all of the guesswork from adjusting filters and reshaping facial features. After having best android selfie apps through the application form, press the icon in the top-right corner until you see yourself from the front-facing camera. Subsequently, tap and hold down your finger on the image of your face.

When a white web maps across that person, Snap-Chat has understood that your facial attributes, and a row of lens options will soon appear along the bottom of the screen. Scroll through several until you find the one which is appropriate for your ‘tude and press on the camera to take an image. Snap Chat has even added a selfie lens specifically for emulating makeup, though it often circulates together with different lenses also isn’t always available on the app.

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What is the Best Miami Hotel?

The magic city of Florida, Miami is home to some of the most fabulous tourist attractions. There are also a number of luxury hotels where you can stay during your visit in Miami. The city of sun and some of the best beaches in Florida surely has a lot to offer to all kinds of travelers. When you are in Miami, you will need to know about the best Miami hotel which makes your visit even more exciting and comfortable.

Best Hotels in Miami

To get an idea about what hotels are better for you, it is important that you do a bit of online research. You will find out exactly what kinds of options are available in your individual budget and luxury requirements. Even as a romantic honeymoon couple Miami might just be the thing you need. You can also find some great couple oriented rooms to stay in. If you really want a real taste of the Miami shore, you should look for the best Miami Beach hotels. Following are the two best hotels in Miami. Before going on travel, it is a good idea to find more information on the city that you are visiting.

Delano South Beach Hotel

This is one of the best Miami hotels and is located in Collins Avenue. There are many packages that you can avail when you book from their website. You can also get a ten percent discount for planning well ahead of time.

Drink Up Package

Breakfast Package

Be Social Package

Spa Junkie Package

Day Cabana Experience

Lust Package

Parking Package

Right on Target Spa Package

Signature Spa Package

You can also use the premises of the South Beach hotel for business purposes and corporate meetings. Among all Miami hotels, South Beach is one that offer exceptional luxury at a very good price – definitely value for money.

Best Western Hotel

Best Western hotels need no introduction. They are also one of the best Miami hotel names. There are a number of Best Western best Miami hotels available in the city in Downtown locations and Beach area locations. Following are the locations for all the Best Western hotels available in the city:

Best Western Miami Airport West Inn & Suites

Best Western Premier Miami International Airport

Best Western Atlantic Beach resort

Best Western Plus on the Bay Inn & Marina

Best Western Windsor Inn

Best Western Oceanfront Resort

The prices vary from one hotel room to another and depending on the location of the hotel as well. There are also some amazing customized Miami Beach Vacation options that you can avail from. You can take any of the packages that apply to you. If you are looking for wedding or honeymoon packages, the Best Western is great for those. If you are looking for the best Miami hotel where there is a lot of variety of packages, this might just be it.

For people interested in touring, there are four amazing options in the form of specially designed Best Western Beach vacation tours: Cycling around the city tour, touring the city by water, touring the city by land and joining a photography workshop so you can go around the entire city and find the most amazing sights and sounds of Miami.

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Using Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions have a lot of potential as home decor. They can be placed on a bed, loveseat, couch, window seat, the floor or even as rocking chair cushions. Scatter cushions come in different sizes shapes and colors and can be used in color coordinated pairs or in complimentary colors. The selection is seemingly endless and the style, shape, and size, have hundreds of possibilities.

You can alter the mood in your home for the holidays or with the seasons by switching up scatter cushions. Use blue and white in the winter, or brown and orange over the fall months. Get some scatter cushions with a doily and soft pastel or a bright colored heart for Valentine’s Day, then use some bold red, white and blue for Independence Day.

It is just as necessary to consider the appeal and comfort scatter cushions have for your children. Kids can burrow into a heap of pillows on the window seat to take an afternoon nap or read a good book.  Also consider how comfortable a big pile of pillows would be to relax in while watching a movie with your partner or munching on popcorn.

The scatter cushions styles can be altered to make your home seem soft and cozy or modern and upbeat. Throw some soft ones on the bed to make a comfortable, soft mood, or use a neck roll with rocking chair cushions for comfort while reading late at night.

Aside from using scatter cushions and rocking chair cushions and pads for movie night or to change the mood, you can arrange them on your sofa for more comfort and functionality. It all depends on how big your couch is, but it may require just two or three scatter cushions to make it a comfortable, charming sofa, instead of the awkward and difficult couch it was.

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Tights for Men – Gift Idea for Father’s Day?

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  • September 28, 2017
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Ok, so your average Dad or husband probably won’t dig the idea of getting tights as a gift for father’s day or for his birthday (and would likely think it’s a gag gift) but there’s a re-emerging trend in tights for men and a lot of people are talking about this. If you think tights and stockings are for women alone, you should be aware of the genesis of these leg garments.

Long socks or hose were worn by men and are referenced in articles about the history of stockings back in the 1500’s. Women wore stockings early on but didn’t start wearing panty hose or tights until around the middle of the 20th century when stockings were worn sewn to ladies’ underwear.

In the last hundred years or so, stockings and tights have been predominantly for females, of course, but the trend of men in tights is re-emerging and that’s beyond the need for them for ballet, cross dressing, or fetishism.  Some men now wear them for a variety of other other reasons — including fashion. Examples of some of the nicknames given as of late include: brosiery, he-o-tards, manty-hose, and other names and these are often worn by metrosexuals and increasingly by guys in general.

Men in Tights

Examples include:

Sports and the arts. Tights aren’t new in these areas as they’re often worn in competitive sports and in dance. Running tights and cycling tights are very popular for many athletic men.

Shapewear. Tights for men are worn under their clothes for the purposes of tightening up the look of legs, thighs, and the buttocks.

Warmth. Men wearing tights are interested in keeping warm so wear ribbed tights that are a lot like long johns but with a built in sock.

Support and Compression. Support hosiery isn’t just for women’s leg health. Men can find them beneficial as well.

Some men are wearing them under shorts as well, using them as a fashion statement, especially in Europe.

Regardless of what reason you have for wanting to buy tights for men, finding tights for men isn’t always easy.  Some men buy women’s tights in plus sizes but this doesn’t always work well. After all, womens’ tights aren’t designed with male anatomy in mind and there’s a need for extra fabric for the crotch area.  Will most males adopt this fashion trend? Probably not but don’t be surprised if you start to see this more often!

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The Influence of Central Banks Today

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  • September 28, 2017
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The role of the central banks has been changing greatly in the past decade. Whether this is good or bad remains to be seen.

The last decade has seen a rise in the power and influence of central bankers. Years of high inflation have led to the view that politicians can no longer be trusted with monetary policy. One by one, central banks have become independent, culminating in the formation of the European Central Bank.

Inflation in advanced industrial countries was down to about 1.5% at the start of the millennium, its lowest rate since the 1950s. Investing of the money is the factor. However, many governments are now concerned at the cost in growth and unemployment. Low inflation does not necessarily mean low growth and high unemployment.

If a key role of central banks to combat inflation, this raises the question — how do we measure it? There is, for example consumer inflation and industrial inflation. In particular, price indices do not usually include the prices of financial assets like shares. The collapse of these asset prices could also lead to economic and natural instability as in Japan. In 1911, Irving Fisher, the economist, argued that a price index should include share in property prices. Joseph Carson, an economist at Deutsche Bank, New York has constructed such an index or shares in at 5%. Leading indices, such as the Dow, the Footsie and — most notably — NASDAQ, surge between 1996 and 1999 at a rate not seen since the late 1980s and people talked of the new economy and a new paradigm.

Since the highs of the end of 1999, the Dow has lost around 30% and the Footsie over 40%, with falls being triggered initially by the burst of the dot.com bubble in Spring 2001, followed by the events of September 11 and by the concerns over the validity of reported results of financial irregularities at Enron, WorldCom and other major corporations. While it is not the role of central banks to maintain stock market growth, the knock on the economic effect of stock market instability is clearly a concern to central bank governors.

If you liked this financial topic then you may be interested in online turnkey business opportunities and an online forex trading course.

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Sorel snow boots for women

After our articles about winter boots for women and winter jackets for women we keep checking out all the newest winter collections and now we are going to take a look at Sorel snow boots for women.

The world’s best-selling cold weather boots have it all to help you face freezing winter with style and class.

When it comes to fashion us real fashionistas never like to settle for second best and we always choose solutions that are satisfying under all aspects.

When we have to choose winter snow boots we don’t want only warm or only stylish, we want it all in one and in perfect color of course:-)

If this is also your case than you should really take a peek at Sorel snow boots for women.

The boots on the photo below are just adorable, can you imagine wearing this  fluffy model for a walk in town after a busy ski day?

Legwarmers plus boots make an incredibly unique and fabulous combination for a sporty style fans.

Matched with a skirt or skinny jeans will give a youthful and fresh look.

Another model that drew our attention in the Sorel snow boots for women collection is this pink pair of boots, waterproof, lightweight and practical.

Available also in vivid colors like red, yellow or blue will make a great contrast with whiteness of the snow.

It is a real pleasure to face the winter if you have a pair of  those in your wardrobe.

This is a new version of an iconic Pac boot with nice and original graphics – very warm even during freezing days.

This interesting pair of Sorel Cree winter moccasins will complete your casual winter style and be ideal for every day use.

You can get to know the entire collection of Sorel snow boots for women simply by visiting the official website www.sorel.com and if you want some more fashion articles see winter coats for women and best snow boots for men.

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Rely On A Battery Backup Sump Pump System

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  • September 27, 2017
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If you own a home with a basement, more than likely you have a sump pump to remove the water in the event of a flood. However, this device is electrical, and if you should lose power, your pump will not work. That is why it is important to install a battery backup sump pump system. With battery backup sump pumps, even when you are not at home, the pump will continue to work without electricity. You will not have to worry about the power shutting off to manually start the battery backup.

The system has a sensor that automatically detects the outage, and jumps into action. Without this great system, your basement could soon become flooded which would impair the structure and destroy its contents. The backup battery for sump pump is similar to a car battery, except on a smaller scale. When you have power, the battery is charging so that when you no longer have electricity, the backup is ready to go. This will give you a greater peace of mind especially if you are out of town when it happens.

Another advantage of having the backup battery, it is a sealed unit that water cannot penetrate. It also will operate for a quite a long period of time until your power is restored. Ask your retailer about different models and their reserve time to make sure you are adequately protected.

This is a do-yourself-project that will not take very many tools or a large amount of time to install battery backup sump pumps. Read the instructions with the pump and check to see if there is any type of alarm that may indicate to you that there is problem with your backup system. By being prepared in the case of an electrical outage, you will feel more protected against flooding your basement.

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Nothing compares to the Golden Coast

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  • September 27, 2017
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Summer vacation is something that most people anticipate all year. It is what you work for and go towards all year. Would you go to Hawaii over the summer? Maybe you have already been there, or it’s too expensive or there are going to be too many people there already. Going to Hawaii or the Caribbean for vacation are so overrated and over used anyhow. One of the best places that you could take your family would actually be to California. California summer vacations have a lot more to see, are more affordable, less crowded, and going there can make some of the best summer vacations.

In California you have your options of seeing many popular tourist attractions, such as the San Diego zoo or Beverly Hills or you have places like the beaches of Malibu or Redondo beach. In California there are also many big cities such as Los Angeles or San Francisco to see as well. If you are not into all the cities and beaches then you could always travel further north to venture out into the land of the Giant Sequoia trees and wildernesses closer to the north which are well known for their extreme beauty.

There are also places to see like Yosemite National Park if you are really into all the natural scenes. Maybe you could make a trip over to some of the world’s most famous theme parks such as California’s Sea World or Disney Land. Maybe it is the stars that you are interested and you could enjoy yourself a walk down Hollywood walk of fame and see some of the fantastic celebrity mansions. Any way you want it and any way you have it if you choose California for your summer vacation you are sure to enjoy the best vacation in your life.

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Laser Hair Removal is Affordable to Many

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  • September 27, 2017
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People that have experienced the benefits to permanent hair removal are not put off by laser hair removal cost.  The prices charged for laser hair removal vary drastically from city to city.  The smaller the areas, the better pricing you are bound to find.   If the cost of living is generally lower in the area then the local laser hair clinic is bound to set their pricing in a range that is affordable to a large portion of the middle class.  Otherwise they may find themselves hurting for clients.

People hear rumors of the expensive of other laser related procedures such as acne laser treatment, mole and freckle removal, or tattoo removal.  To someone that is unfamiliar with laser technology, it is assumed that these various laser treatments can be lumped together under the broad heading of laser treatment.  In truth, there are many different types of lasers designed to treat specific conditions.  Therefore, you can’t lump together the typical charges for tattoo removal with the prices found for laser hair removal.

Although it’s difficult to give an exact number, an average cost of laser hair removal is $200 to $550.  The area of the body to be treated is considered.  The smaller the area the less time which means lower prices.  Other considerations are the characteristics of the hair and skin.

Because getting permanent hair removal is considered an elective procedure, insurance policies will not cover the bill.  Due to the fact that these clinics realize the burden this may place on some people, they will usually offer payment options to help the patient avoid paying for the entire bill up front. Taking precautions with regards to your payment can ease the financial pressure.

Most offices will assist you in determining if financing would be the answer and they will help you apply.  If your credit is good, the answer to your acceptance is usually immediate.  This allows you to set up your appointments and begin the process of laser hair removal without delay.

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John Boos Kitchen Islands

It’s easy to move around in one of those nice, large, modern gourmet kitchens that are now a typical and expected concept in new home construction. But it never used to be this way. The rising generation isn’t aware that back in the 60′s and 70′s, the kitchen used to be thought of as more of a utility room–something necessary and functional but not necessarily beautiful or luxurious, rather than what it is today—the room which truly functions as a family epicenter.

Today’s kitchen is now usually considered the modern family room, a fun-filled emporium, or sanctuary of sorts, a wonderful food haven, where everything important usually takes place. Think about it. Decorators and owners now often place love seats and flat screen t.v.’s in one corner of a kitchen in order to create a statement of prominence and also to make it seem cozy. The tenants sometimes garden by growing herbs in a sunny corner. There are all sorts of extras that can make a kitchen feel gourmet. Cabinets on sliders or open air cabinets are a very nice upgrade.

Built in trash receptacles, john boos kitchen islands, ice bars and built in computer desks, among other luxuries ensure that the kitchen will forever be the nucleus of the action around one’s house. In older homes, occupants and owners now do what they can. Sometimes a kitchen overhaul seems appropriately cost-effective. A full blown demolition and/or taking down a non-weight bearing wall and expanding the space, sometimes works. Sometimes however, for financial or logistical reasons, it just cannot be done.

Often, people have to live with dated kitchens but do what they can to improve it marginally and little by little, through installing new ceramic tile, granite counter-tops, or john boos kitchen islands. They can also reface or replace old cabinet work, add updated and state of the art appliances along with a nice new stove top. These improvements help. Sometimes it’s not that the owner doesn’t like the kitchen they currently have; sometimes it’s just a matter of having very little space and that’s something that definitely cannot be improved without a major overhaul.

There are ways around the space issue however, with every solution including either buying cabinet inserts and/or rolling space savers from one’s local home improvement store, or else using john boos kitchen carts to maximize the space and create more chopping room for a busy cook. John Boos kitchen islands have storage capacity also. There are other things that one should consider before doing kitchen overhauls and that is, perhaps asking a designer to come into your home just to see if furniture and/or appliances can be re-arranged to suit your needs better.

Often with re-arranging furniture etc, a feeling of space can be created where you thought there was none. Sometimes changing things around has a large bearing on the Feng Shui and small changes can make one fall in love with their home, all over again. If the designer sees no potential in doing superficial cosmetic adjustments, then perhaps a contractor would be ones next stop. But all options should be weighed. Home improvement is expensive, particularly when not doing it oneself.

Hiring a contractor is work alone but is of course, preferable to moving, if everything else about the location of one’s home and the neighborhood is very desirable. I’ve always heard that moving should be a last resort only if you’ve examined every way to make your current house liveable and loveable. And I agree with that mentality only because moving and buying and selling homes is so expensive to do in and of itself. It might be cheaper to improve.

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