5 Tips for for Packing Valuables

containers at the docksMoving an entire home full of belongings can be a stressful experience. But one way you can remove some of the worry is to employ the services of a container hire company, such as Containerco. Using a shipping container removal service helps ensure that your belongings can get anywhere you need to them to be.

But before you can get your belongings into your Moving Container, you have to pack. Packing your valuables can cause some alarm because your want your items safe. Containerco has a safe, secure storage facility for Moving Containers until you unload your belongings, but it helps to make sure that you have carefully packed your valuables.

Here are five tips to methodically pack your valuables.

Keep important identification and documents with you at all times.
Items such as birth certificates, prescriptions, jewellery, and passports are documents that should be on you at all times. Because these items may be hard to replace, you should do your best to keep them securely close to you.

Make a list of everything valuable and get insurance.
You should be able to name everything in your shipping container and put it on a list to keep track of the items. Research insurance prices and talk to representatives at Containerco if you have any questions about insuring your valuables.

Research the specialty boxes.
There are boxes that are specially made for certain valuables, such as electronics, clothes, and dishes. The boxes may cost a little more than regular boxes, but it is worth to have the peace of mind to know your important items have less of a chance of being broken.

Carefully pack glass and other breakable items with tissue paper.
Use soft layers of paper in between items that are breakable. Stand dishes up rather than lay them flat so that they are less likely to break.

Shake the box.
If you want to make sure that the items in the box are not moving around, gently shake the box. You shouldn’t hear anything rattling around in there or hear any glass clinking against each other. If you do hear something that indicates your valuables may break, immediately repack the box.

If you take care to pack your valuables, you will greatly increase the chances that your possessions will make it into your Moving Container – and then to your new home – all in one piece.

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