About Us

Project West Summit is a collaboration of writers from Australia that bring the general public useful information to all walks of life. We are primarily focused on helping people in need, and doing food runs around the South Sydney and Inner West region.

Project West Summit is not a profit organisation, nor is is registered as a not-for-profit. We are all simply writers that make some money and give back to the community on a volunteer basis.

There is no premiss for PWS, however we do drive a bright orange van, perhaps you’ve seen us around. If you see us stop on the side of the road to give somebody some food, then why not come and say hello and mention you’ve seen this website.

If you would like to contact us, then please visit our contact page and fill in the form. We will do our very best to get back to you.

Kind and Warm Regards,

Karen, Jason and Pietro
Volunteers and Founders of Project West Summit

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