Finding a Community Centre Near You

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We all need a helping hand now and again. When things are going well, we often want to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate than we are as well. Whatever the reason you’re looking for a community centre near you, it’s reassuring to know that friends and neighbours are looking out for one another.

Sydney Residents Have Many Services Available to Them

Sydney residents are lucky that a network of capable and diverse community services, loosely affiliated with the South Sydney Community Aid Co-op, serves the city and its residents in need. The SSCA-MNC provides social welfare services by relieving poverty, advising people in distress on how to go about getting the help they need, coordinating the efforts of different groups and agencies in the area to best serve the needs of the public, and bringing attention to the needs of local residents that aren’t currently being met.

Adult Education Is Important

While public education in Sydney is well funded and effective, the needs of adults for primary or continuing education are not always met by schooling designed for children. The SSCA-MNC partners with many other local organizations in order to offer opportunities for education, job training, and other continuing development for adults in the Sydney area as well.

Many Services Are Available Locally

The SSCA-MNC is located at 73 Garden Street in Redfern NSW 2016, but it offers services from many other cooperating entities throughout the region. If you visit the Neighbourhood Centre, you can get take advantage of their facilities and programs, including:

  • Free telephone, fax, Internet use
  • Free photocopying service
  • Free English classes
  • Free computer classes
  • Meeting rooms
  • Free translation services
  • Community support groups
  • Arts and crafts classes
  • Advocacy and referral services

Additional Help Is Available From a Network Of Agencies

Other affiliated community centres include The Factory at 67 Raglan Street in Waterloo, the Redfern Community Centre on Hugo Street in Redfern, and many others that can be contacted through the Lord Mayor’s Office. The SSCA-MNC is also a member of the National Council of Social Services, the Cooperatives Federation of NSW, the Local Community Services Association, Volunteering NSW, Jobs Australia, the Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development, the Volunteer and Service Training organization, the Groundswell Coalition, and the Sydney Chinese Services Interagency.

Through this network of agencies and institutions, the SSCA-MNC seeks to offer services as well as coordinate services available from other agencies so that anyone that contacts them can either be helped locally, or directed to another person or agency that can, no matter where they live in Sydney, or anywhere in Australia.

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