Protecting Your Child from the Dark Side

unhappy childrenAn article published in July of 2013 estimates 37% of the internet is be made up of porn. For those that don’t visit the darker side of the internet, the realization of how much inappropriate content is actually there can be staggering. This leaves parents with an extremely tedious predicament. Can parents be certain internet filters are keeping unwanted content from their children?

There are numerous content filters and software programs available to limit internet usage to appropriate content. But children are a more internet savvy breed that is apt to find ways easily around these filters. Peruse the list below to find the most common ways children are manipulating these filters to gain free, unmonitored access to all the content the internet has to offer.

The 5 biggest concerns a parent should have

Peer-to-peer file sharing through use of torrents. Torrent programs allow users to search anything from music, videos, pictures, and data packages for sharing from computer to computer. These files are often purposely mislabeled. What appears as an innocent movie on a child’s computer often can be a disguise for an inappropriate file that can go undetected by internet filters.

Internet blogs and Wikis are user-generated content based web pages. Nearly all web filters regard these sites as permissible/appropriate. Unfortunately, these sites can contain a myriad of objectionable material. These sites do not have the ability to search content on web pages in real time.

Children use aliases for many social media accounts. What may appear as an innocent Facebook account, can be a front for more sinister conversations amongst peers. Many parents are unaware of the additional built in security features these social media programs offer and fail to integrate them in overall internet security.
Parents must always maintain all administration rights on individual computers. Allowing a child administration rights allow them to get around every installed security filter undetected. They can simply change the settings undetected to many unsuspecting parents.

Children can manipulate the IP addresses to bypass web filters. Each web page has a site-specific web IP address. Many web filters prevent access based on website names. Children can obtain an alternate IP address that will circumvent the web filters in place to block inappropriate content.

I’m a parent and I need help

Securing web content can seem like an uphill battle. K9 Web Protection is a great starting place for parents to become adept in filtering all unwarranted content from access. It is an up-to-date site that will keep a parent informed of new policing procedures and the latest ways children are accessing inappropriate content. It is also free!

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