When Working With Children, Creativity Is the Key

No child can ever know true self-expression without a chance to try their hand at creating things. While learning facts and figures can be rewarding and important to a child, all people get a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment when they express their inner thoughts while being creative. Children grow emotionally as well as intellectually when they are allowed to express themselves, and educators and parents can get a good feel for how a child is developing emotionally by what they make when given free rein.

Let Children Be Children

Children don’t need much to be creative. In some ways their minds are less rigid than adults, and if they’re allowed to express themselves freely without fear of too much criticism, they can become more mature emotionally as well as intellectually.

Creativity is as much a process as an end result, so it’s important for young children learn how to be creative at an early age so that they can use the process later in life. Creative activities promote new ideas and encourage children to solve problems using their own initiative, which will serve them well when they’re older and have to do things on their own.

Creativity Is Where You Find It

When educators and parents talk about creativity in children, images of paints and other traditional fine art supplies come to mind, but true creativity isn’t limited to fine art. Music, sports, and even activities like computer programming require a lively mind that thinks outside rigid constraints to solve a riddle or advance an idea. As long as the activity involves designing, constructing, revising, experimenting, and carrying out projects from beginning to end, the kind of work that’s being done isn’t that important.

Let Children Choose

Children should be given a fair amount of autonomy to choose the activity that they’d like to try in order to be creative. There are terrific websites dedicated to creative learning that teachers and parents can use to encourage their children to try their hands at many kinds of activities. Organisations like Code.org have a wide range of interesting creative activities available for kids, from coding computer games to scientific experiments. Older children can use codeavengers.com and Khan Academy to learn more sophisticated computer coding.

Don’t Forget Playtime

While it’s important for children to learn useful skills, one of the most important ways to develop creative ability is during play. Allowing children to use familiar things in new and unusual ways is the basis of creative development.

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