5 Tips To Boost Your Imagination and Creativity

5 Tips To Boost Your Imagination and Creativity
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There are times when you wish to do something but your mind doesn’t want to work with you. You may feel that your once razor sharp creativity has gone dull. Here are some easy-to-follow tips that will stimulate and boost your creative side.

1. When faced with a problem, deal with it. Never turn back and run because this is the time when your mind works and thinks through. Let your mind find creative ways to solve a problem. As we know, the left brain hemisphere works with intelligence, the part that deals with analytical problem solving. Scientific studies show that when a person becomes frustrated and complains of a difficult, almost impossible problem, there comes a shift from the left side to the right brain hemisphere. This change in thinking activity results in great insight, flashes of ideas, and answers which altogether bestow creativity and imagination without limits.

2. Breathe. Relax. Take a break. Though never giving up is good in making you focus on a task until the end, it doesn’t necessarily mean you must keep going endlessly and overexert yourself. This only gives your mind and body unneeded stress and therefore makes you unproductive. In this life where everyone seems too busy, we must find time to stop and remind ourselves that life is not a race but more accurate a nature trail to explore and enjoy. When our mind is relaxed, everything else seems calm and peaceful. It encourages creativity as the mind becomes more productive. You can think smoothly and get more beautiful thoughts and ideas when you are generally happier and have a positive outlook.

3. Think outside the box. Try seeing a certain situation in a different perspective. Sometimes when you are too focused on something, you only see one direction towards it. Some tend to strictly follow by the book and rely solely on the provided instructions or information. You are limited not only on information but other possible, even better solutions or easier ways. Do not be afraid to take risks by trying out what you think may work and daring to do different kinds of stuff.

4. Think like a child. We know what it means to see the world through a child’s eyes. Everything is beautiful and simple, and you find joy in little things. What more if you think like a child? A child who is curious, always imagining stuff, and loves to explore new things. Adults can get too serious and tend to complicate things. They sometimes overlook what’s really important and skip the basics. However, if you are like a young child who is small yet thinks big, eager to learn and never runs out of ideas then you will surely find simple, creative solutions to problems that only seemed big.

5. Turn your thoughts into something tangible or put it into action. Let your imagination take you wherever it goes and embrace it gracefully. Immerse yourself in your thoughts and avoid any distraction if possible, then express yourself during the process. Do what you love doing: sing, dance, draw, write, or paint for fun! Learn something new and discover your inner creativity with all the beautiful things the world has to offer.

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