John Boos Kitchen Islands

John Boos Kitchen Islands
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It’s easy to move around in one of those nice, large, modern gourmet kitchens that are now a typical and expected concept in new home construction. But it never used to be this way. The rising generation isn’t aware that back in the 60?s and 70?s, the kitchen used to be thought of as more of a utility room–something necessary and functional but not necessarily beautiful or luxurious, rather than what it is today—the room which truly functions as a family epicenter.

Today’s kitchen is now usually considered the modern family room, a fun-filled emporium, or sanctuary of sorts, a wonderful food haven, where everything important usually takes place. Think about it. Decorators and owners now often place love seats and flat screen t.v.’s in one corner of a kitchen in order to create a statement of prominence and also to make it seem cozy. The tenants sometimes garden by growing herbs in a sunny corner. There are all sorts of extras that can make a kitchen feel gourmet. Cabinets on sliders or open air cabinets are a very nice upgrade.

Built in trash receptacles, john boos kitchen islands, ice bars and built in computer desks, among other luxuries ensure that the kitchen will forever be the nucleus of the action around one’s house. In older homes, occupants and owners now do what they can. Sometimes a kitchen overhaul seems appropriately cost-effective. A full blown demolition and/or taking down a non-weight bearing wall and expanding the space, sometimes works. Sometimes however, for financial or logistical reasons, it just cannot be done.

Often, people have to live with dated kitchens but do what they can to improve it marginally and little by little, through installing new ceramic tile, granite counter-tops, or john boos kitchen islands. They can also reface or replace old cabinet work, add updated and state of the art appliances along with a nice new stove top. These improvements help. Sometimes it’s not that the owner doesn’t like the kitchen they currently have; sometimes it’s just a matter of having very little space and that’s something that definitely cannot be improved without a major overhaul.

There are ways around the space issue however, with every solution including either buying cabinet inserts and/or rolling space savers from one’s local home improvement store, or else using john boos kitchen carts to maximize the space and create more chopping room for a busy cook. John Boos kitchen islands have storage capacity also. There are other things that one should consider before doing kitchen overhauls and that is, perhaps asking a designer to come into your home just to see if furniture and/or appliances can be re-arranged to suit your needs better.

Often with re-arranging furniture etc, a feeling of space can be created where you thought there was none. Sometimes changing things around has a large bearing on the Feng Shui and small changes can make one fall in love with their home, all over again. If the designer sees no potential in doing superficial cosmetic adjustments, then perhaps a contractor would be ones next stop. But all options should be weighed. Home improvement is expensive, particularly when not doing it oneself.

Hiring a contractor is work alone but is of course, preferable to moving, if everything else about the location of one’s home and the neighborhood is very desirable. I’ve always heard that moving should be a last resort only if you’ve examined every way to make your current house liveable and loveable. And I agree with that mentality only because moving and buying and selling homes is so expensive to do in and of itself. It might be cheaper to improve.

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