Jungle Fun For Girls With CoCaLo Crib Bedding

Jungle Fun For Girls With CoCaLo Crib Bedding
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Jacana Crib Bedding Set by CoCaLoCoCaLo crib bedding isn’t just a decision, it’s a statement. A very cute, fun, and versatile statement, that is. At first glance, the six-piece Jacana set seems to have everything a doting mother and father-to-be would need: a bumper, crib skirt, comforter, quilt, fitted sheet, diaper stacker, and a coverlet. Complete the décor by buying the rest of the pieces (valance, mobile, lamp, etc.) or stick with just the crib set and make it the center of attention.

The “cute” portion of the statement comes from the playful animals that decorate this bedding set. What could be cuter than safari animals mixed in with classic animal prints and details?

Where’s the fun in all of this? It’s in the mix of color, pattern, and accessories that you can find amongst the CoCaLo Jacana set itself. Walk into your child’s room and light up a smile not just because you’re seeing that beautiful face you created, but also because you know there’s a happy baby in that mix of jungle animals.

Versatility can center around one item or all of the above mentioned items. Go modern and paint the room in a true gray with an orange stripe, tying in CoCaLo in a subtle manner. Go bold with chocolate brown and accent it with the Zebra print found on the fringe and bed skirt. Add a mural, stick on the decals from the Jacana set, or keep the walls beige and couple the CoCaLo with a gorgeous black sleigh bed crib, letting it be the center of the room’s focus.

Let the CoCaLo Jacana set grow with your child, coupling the fun quilt with a solid sheet set as she turns toddler. Create a jungle motif with painted grass at the bottom of the walls and palm trees in every corner (not real ones, of course) and keep the quilt as a wall hanging as she arrives at preschool age. Creativity with this set is limitless.

Use the same Zebra print as she reaches second and third grade and you can create a more mature, yet still playful atmosphere that she can appreciate even as a teenager. Who says you have to change styles like you change your newborn’s diapers? Coupled with white furniture, you will never lose your little jungle princess to another style and truly, this jungle crib bedding set is inspirational for all the years of your child’s life.
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