Nothing compares to the Golden Coast

Nothing compares to the Golden Coast
September 27, 2017 Comments Off on Nothing compares to the Golden Coast Uncategorized admin

Summer vacation is something that most people anticipate all year. It is what you work for and go towards all year. Would you go to Hawaii over the summer? Maybe you have already been there, or it’s too expensive or there are going to be too many people there already. Going to Hawaii or the Caribbean for vacation are so overrated and over used anyhow. One of the best places that you could take your family would actually be to California. California summer vacations have a lot more to see, are more affordable, less crowded, and going there can make some of the best summer vacations.

In California you have your options of seeing many popular tourist attractions, such as the San Diego zoo or Beverly Hills or you have places like the beaches of Malibu or Redondo beach. In California there are also many big cities such as Los Angeles or San Francisco to see as well. If you are not into all the cities and beaches then you could always travel further north to venture out into the land of the Giant Sequoia trees and wildernesses closer to the north which are well known for their extreme beauty.

There are also places to see like Yosemite National Park if you are really into all the natural scenes. Maybe you could make a trip over to some of the world’s most famous theme parks such as California’s Sea World or Disney Land. Maybe it is the stars that you are interested and you could enjoy yourself a walk down Hollywood walk of fame and see some of the fantastic celebrity mansions. Any way you want it and any way you have it if you choose California for your summer vacation you are sure to enjoy the best vacation in your life.

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