Tights for Men – Gift Idea for Father’s Day?

Tights for Men – Gift Idea for Father’s Day?
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Ok, so your average Dad or husband probably won’t dig the idea of getting tights as a gift for father’s day or for his birthday (and would likely think it’s a gag gift) but there’s a re-emerging trend in tights for men and a lot of people are talking about this. If you think tights and stockings are for women alone, you should be aware of the genesis of these leg garments.

Long socks or hose were worn by men and are referenced in articles about the history of stockings back in the 1500’s. Women wore stockings early on but didn’t start wearing panty hose or tights until around the middle of the 20th century when stockings were worn sewn to ladies’ underwear.

In the last hundred years or so, stockings and tights have been predominantly for females, of course, but the trend of men in tights is re-emerging and that’s beyond the need for them for ballet, cross dressing, or fetishism.  Some men now wear them for a variety of other other reasons — including fashion. Examples of some of the nicknames given as of late include: brosiery, he-o-tards, manty-hose, and other names and these are often worn by metrosexuals and increasingly by guys in general.

Men in Tights

Examples include:

Sports and the arts. Tights aren’t new in these areas as they’re often worn in competitive sports and in dance. Running tights and cycling tights are very popular for many athletic men.

Shapewear. Tights for men are worn under their clothes for the purposes of tightening up the look of legs, thighs, and the buttocks.

Warmth. Men wearing tights are interested in keeping warm so wear ribbed tights that are a lot like long johns but with a built in sock.

Support and Compression. Support hosiery isn’t just for women’s leg health. Men can find them beneficial as well.

Some men are wearing them under shorts as well, using them as a fashion statement, especially in Europe.

Regardless of what reason you have for wanting to buy tights for men, finding tights for men isn’t always easy.  Some men buy women’s tights in plus sizes but this doesn’t always work well. After all, womens’ tights aren’t designed with male anatomy in mind and there’s a need for extra fabric for the crotch area.  Will most males adopt this fashion trend? Probably not but don’t be surprised if you start to see this more often!

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