Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Lose Stubborn Flabby Stomach Fat

Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Lose Stubborn Flabby Stomach Fat
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When dealing with weight loss and trying to gain muscle, there are 3 mistakes you must avoid. By knowing these mistakes you will save hours in your workouts. You can then be certain that the hours you do put into your workouts will help you lose that elusive stomach fat.

Mistake 1: Doing hundreds of reps of ineffective crunches or situps. Sit-ups and crunches are ineffective in helping you lose the fat around your stomach. Some fitness experts out there still believe that doing ab exercise is the way to lose that belly fat and get that six pack. The thing is that when you focus on doing ab exercises, it will only bulk up your midsection but it doesn’t help in losing the fat in your abdominal area. So what happens is that you will get a stronger midsection but it will be layered with the fat and in the end you will still have a big belly. This is definitely not what you want as a result. The reason why this is so ineffective is because all you are doing is concentrating on the muscle building but you are not focusing to lose that belly fat. The fat needs to also melt away as you build the muscle and yes, there are strategies that can help you do both.

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Mistake 2: Doing hours upon hours of boring monotonous cardio routines. There is a popular belief that to lose weight, you need to be doing 30-60 minutes of steady pace cardio 3-5 times per week. The problem with that ideal is that our bodies are designed to perform physical activity in bursts of exertion followed by recovery, or stop-and-go movement instead of steady state movement. The truth is most people may actually be inadvertantly decreasing their metabolic rate by doing too much of the wrong types of cardio. Research has also shown that doing excessive steady state endurance exercise will increase the production of free radicals in your body which can degenerate joints, reduce immune function and cause muscle wasting. Another big disadvantage is when you are only working your heart at a specific heart rate range, you are not training your heart to respond to various every day stressors. So by training your heart to handle highly variable cyclical workouts will provide your body a great chance to handle your daily life stress.

Mistake 3: Most people use fad diets for fast results. Have you heard of the Atkins diet or the soup diet or low carb diets? The diets plain just do not work. What is worse is that by doing these fad diets, it can ultimately ruin your metabolism. The human body is an amazing machine, if it discovers that food is being restricted, it goes into survival mode and stores the food as fat. In the beginning of the diet, you may lose a few pounds but then there is a very good chance that you will gain all that weight back and more. My advice is to stop falling for the gimmick diets and to finally develop a truly healthy eating style that you can actually enjoy for life without being overly restrictive.

Of course, these mistakes are just here to bring you awareness. A complete training program that provides you with the weight loss, strength training and proper nutrition is the key to a successful and healthy body. Luckily, there are legitimate training tips and shortcuts that actually work, thanks to the efforts of fitness training professionals who have developed them over many years of working with people just like you.

So remember, to avoid these three mistakes when trying to lose that flabby stomach fat:
– Avoid doing hundreds of situps
– Stop your monotonous steady state cardio routines
– Don’t fall for that “New” fad diet

If you can avoid these 3 mistakes, you will be on the right track.

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