Using Scatter Cushions

Using Scatter Cushions
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Scatter cushions have a lot of potential as home decor. They can be placed on a bed, loveseat, couch, window seat, the floor or even as rocking chair cushions. Scatter cushions come in different sizes shapes and colors and can be used in color coordinated pairs or in complimentary colors. The selection is seemingly endless and the style, shape, and size, have hundreds of possibilities.

You can alter the mood in your home for the holidays or with the seasons by switching up scatter cushions. Use blue and white in the winter, or brown and orange over the fall months. Get some scatter cushions with a doily and soft pastel or a bright colored heart for Valentine’s Day, then use some bold red, white and blue for Independence Day.

It is just as necessary to consider the appeal and comfort scatter cushions have for your children. Kids can burrow into a heap of pillows on the window seat to take an afternoon nap or read a good book.  Also consider how comfortable a big pile of pillows would be to relax in while watching a movie with your partner or munching on popcorn.

The scatter cushions styles can be altered to make your home seem soft and cozy or modern and upbeat. Throw some soft ones on the bed to make a comfortable, soft mood, or use a neck roll with rocking chair cushions for comfort while reading late at night.

Aside from using scatter cushions and rocking chair cushions and pads for movie night or to change the mood, you can arrange them on your sofa for more comfort and functionality. It all depends on how big your couch is, but it may require just two or three scatter cushions to make it a comfortable, charming sofa, instead of the awkward and difficult couch it was.

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